One-Click Resources for Prospective Students

Consider your call to pursue theological education. Whether you are interested in ordained ministry, religious scholarship, lay leadership, or spiritual seeking, this portal page will provide you insight into the breadth and depth of Bethany’s Incarnational education, where the Living Word bears witness to the world.


Bethany offers a sacred community, thoughtful faculty, and a mission beyond maintenance that takes you out of the pew and into a world in need. Below, learn more about how you can contribute to the church and the world.

Bethany Community

We understand that education involves the whole person. Who becomes your community? Where do you work and play, eat and sleep? What amenities does the campus offer? Explore these links to learn more about what to expect.

Academic Programs

Here at Bethany, you can choose from three graduate-level educational programs with both local and distance options. No matter where you attend class, we are always learning in community.

About Bethany

At Bethany, we empower leaders of faith through the integration of wisdom, theology, and the arts that point us towards just peace, curious intellect, and wild hope. Our teaching flows from our unique Anabaptist-Pietist heritage and tradition known as the Church of the Brethren. The Church of the Brethren offers a unique blend of practicality and spirituality grounded in service and simple living, reconciliation and peacemaking, scripture and community. It is through this lens that we hope you create faithful, prophetic change in this blessed but broken world.


As an institution that participates in the federal student aid program, Bethany Seminary is required by the Department of Education to comply with the Jeanne Clery Act. The Clery Act deals with campus safety and security and requires schools to keep and disclose information about safety, security, and crime on campus. The Earlham College Public Safety Office maintains this information, including the Annual Safety Report,  which can be found on their website.