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Science and theology are the two most compelling ways of understanding reality.  Sometimes the two are seen as enemies, but mostly they are strangers as people struggle to fit together the Sunday world of God and faith with the Monday world of science and technology.

In this certificate program, strangers become friends.  We look at amazing convergences between science and theology.  We see how science can help our faith to be more believable and beautiful, while theology helps science to be more meaningful and ethical.


Primary Faculty

Dr. Russell Haitch, Professor of Theology and Human Science
Dr. Steven Schweitzer, Academic Dean and Professor
Faculty from Earlham School of Religion, our partner seminary



In every area from physics to medical science, each year brings new discoveries that can inspire wonder, stretch our faith, and inform our ministry. The Certificate in Theology and Science assumes interest, rather than prior knowledge or ability, in fields of science and theology. It offers students the opportunity to (1) understand better the different ways that scientists and theologians form questions, gather evidence and find answers; (2) explore places of potential conflict or collaboration between science and theology; and (3) learn practical scientific knowledge that can be valuable for one’s vocation.

Students can choose to focus their work on specific areas, such as the intertwined history of science and faith; the theory and practice of creation care; neuroscience for ministry; evolution and biblical interpretation; human relationship with animals and machines; technology and Christian ethics; and many others.

Graduates with a Certificate in Theology and Science will be able to

  • demonstrate knowledge of scientific and theological methods;
  • explain how they relate fields of science and theology, including areas of potential conflict, complementarity, and collaboration;
  • apply scientific knowledge to some practical questions of theology and/or ministry.



This certificate requires 15 hours of coursework, which may come from a variety of courses in biblical, historical, ministry, and theological studies, as listed in the catalog. Students can take any number of courses in a semester. Not all courses are offered every year. The certificate can be completed in one to two years.

Five Elective Courses 
  • Science, Theology, and Ministry
  • Ecological Theology and Christian Responsibility
  • Environmental Ethics in Theological Perspective
  • Science and Religion
  • Science Fiction and Theology
  • Introduction to Theological Reflection
  • Ministry across Generations
  • Taking Church beyond the Walls
  • Eco/Green Bible*

*Offered through Earlham School of Religion


Admissions Process Deadlines

Fall session:           May 15th
Spring session:     November 15th



Total cost for 15 credit hours is $7,200. Students may apply for financial aid through Bethany: Church Service Covenant Grant, Academic Excellence Scholarship, and need-based aid.

Through our generous financial aid program, students may reduce their total tuition costs down to as low as $2,200 for the entire certificate if completed in four semesters. There is a $350 extension fee if a fifth semester is needed. An institutional loan program is also available for those who qualify. For full details on financial aid, payment plans, and extension fees, contact the Admissions Office.

For more information on this certificate and courses, refer to the Academic Catalog.