MA Connections

MA Connections: a Distance Education Option for Completing your Master of Arts Degree

christinajudiThe MA Connections track puts a Bethany Master of Arts degree within your reach from anywhere–and at your own pace. This rigorous and fully-accredited graduate-level education track does not require you to relocate to earn your Master’s degree.

The curriculum combines online learning with Bethany’s close-knit learning community during intensive sessions on campus.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAConnections courses are offered in the following formats:

In addition, traditional and block face-to-face courses can be taken at Bethany, at Bethany’s Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center (PA) campus, via cross-registration with our sister schools, or even transferred in from other seminaries located close to your location.

MA Connections students have the same choices of areas of concentration and emphases as other MA students.

BrianMackieWebAn MA degree can prepare you for various pursuits.

  • A career in teaching
  • A non-profit organization
  • A career in social services
  • The pursuit of a PhD

Consider an MA Connections degree from Bethany!

Yes, it is possible to complete your Master of Arts degree–with all the resources Bethany has to offer–without moving to Richmond!