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The Pillars and Pathways Residency Scholarship is a Richmond-based residency program that encourages theologically immersive living. Selected applicants, Resident Scholars, will put into practice ideas and ideals of the classroom with an emphasis on peacemaking, simplicity, community, and service. This program enables Resident Scholars to complete their seminary program with no new educational or consumer debt.

About Pillars and Pathways

Program Components


Work or Work-Study Requirement

Resident Scholars commit to contributing $7,500 per year through earnings, savings, etc. This can be achieved with twelve hours of work-study per week and earning $3,000 during the summer.


Community Service Requirement

Resident Scholars volunteer a minimum of two hours per week or eight hours per month at a designated nonprofit organization in Richmond.


Neighborhood Responsibility

Resident Scholars will actively engage in community living and in the responsibilities of maintaining and growing a community (neighborhood meals, chores, activities, etc.)


Participation in the Bethany Community

Resident Scholars will play active and leading roles in campus activities (Common Meal, chapel, Student Leadership Team, etc.). Resident Scholars will maintain enrollment in at least nine credit hours per semester and must be in good academic standing. Resident Scholars must maintain their eligibility to receive the Academic Excellence Scholarship and additional Bethany institutional aid to cover the remainder of their tuition beyond the base amount ($1,100 per semester for the 2018-19 academic year).


Simple Living

Resident Scholars will commit to living within their means and avoiding new debt. The program will actively encourage and support Resident Scholars in finding ways to adopt simple, abundant living practices.

Pillars and Pathways Residency Scholarship Application