Brenda Reish Concludes Employment

After nineteen years of service to Bethany Theological Seminary, Brenda Reish will conclude her employment as executive director of business services and treasurer on December 31, 2017.

Reish came to Bethany in August 1998, when the business offices of Bethany and Earlham School of Religion were joined. She held the position of business manager for both schools and treasurer for Bethany until 2002, when a separate business office was established for each school. She then served as executive director of student and business services and treasurer for Bethany until a separate Admissions and Student Services Department was created in 2016.

As treasurer under three Bethany presidents, Reish has been responsible for institutional finances as an internal auditor, maintaining compliance with institutional policy. During her tenure, Bethany has received clean audits each year and the endowment has grown from $10 million to $39 million. She has managed the institution’s financial records and reporting and has overseen the annual budget process.

In the position of executive director of student and business services, Reish was also responsible for admissions, financial aid, student development, and other student services.

Since her hiring, Reish has served as administrative liaison to the Business Services Committee, Audit Committee, Investment Committee, and previous Student and Business Services Committee of the Bethany Theological Seminary Board of Trustees. In addition, she was instrumental in engaging Concord Advisory Group as Bethany’s investment advisors.

Reish’s responsibilities have also encompassed maintenance of and improvements to Bethany’s buildings and grounds. In the early 2000s, she oversaw the finishing of Bethany’s lower level, named The Nicarry Ministry Center. More recently she supervised the remodeling of Brethren House—Bethany’s guest house—and Mullen House, Patterson House, and Carver House as student residences within the newly named Bethany Neighborhood.

“Brenda has provided faithful service to Bethany Theological Seminary for nearly two decades, said Jeff Carter, president. “Her careful management of the Seminary’s finances during a time of great change has benefited both the Seminary community and program as well as all those who have moved from their studies to service in the church and world.”