Campus Life

Bethany supports our students as they build a vibrant and creative community life. Each year, those that are living in the Bethany Neighborhood and other local places share their experiences and interests through backyard fires, movie nights, game nights, local events, and communal meals. This includes recipients of the Pillars and Pathways Residency Scholarship, who enhance our campus community through participation in chapel, Common Meal, special events, and informal conversations in the Gathering Room.

The Student Leadership Team oversees student governance and advocacy and provides student representation at monthly faculty meetings and trustee committee meetings. They also plan our weekly Common Meals and various community life events. The director of student development serves as the liaison year to year with this group of student leaders.

Faculty, staff, and administrators are professionally and personally engaged in the community. They gather monthly for seminary conversations to be on top of the latest Bethany news as well as for times of grief or fellowship. Birthdays and babies are celebrated as we all seek to encourage one another in life as well as in the mission of the seminary.

Year after year, Bethany proves itself to be a safe place for education and work where mature students and employees come together daily to learn and become. We represent a breadth of theological ideologies, socioeconomic realities, race, and nationalities. This is a hallmark of the Bethany imprint, that we can come together in our differences, listening well to each other, challenging each other, supporting each other in the pathways God leads us.