Bible immersion and Brethren history program

For students who have completed grades 6-8
Held at Bethany Seminary in Richmond, Indiana

“If you are thinking of going, just go because it is amazing and you learn so much!”


What is it all about?

  • Studying the book of James deeply to see how it can change your life
  • Learning from professors and asking questions that matter to you
  • Visiting the Brethren Heritage Center
  • Playing games together
  • Planning closing worship
  • Finding new friends who share your interests and excitement for learning
  • Listening for where God is calling you

What does it cost?

Due to a generous grant, all participants will receive a full scholarship. Students pay only for their transportation to and from the event and a $25 registration fee.


Email  Youth Engagement
call the office at 800-287-8822.