Presidential Forum and Young Adult Event 2017

Thanks to all who joined us for this inspiring and thought-provoking gathering!
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  Cosponsored by Seminary Stewardship Alliance


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Living not in the Garden but in the city and country, how can we consume, protect, farm, and care for creation as followers of Jesus? Join us as we share many views on one big concern. Talks and workshops will include a range of views on topics such as ethical farming and consuming, protecting biodiversity, responding to climate change, and simple living for today.

About the Presidential Forums

The Presidential Forums were inaugurated at Bethany Theological Seminary in 2008. Each Forum seeks to (1) develop substantive topics that thoughtfully and prophetically address issues of faith and ethics; (2) build community among Seminary students, faculty, church leaders, constituents, and the public; (3) give visibility to the Seminary for prospective students and donors through intellectual inquiry; and (4) enable the Seminary to provide visionary, educational leadership for reimagining the role of seminaries in public discourse.

Bethany Seminary is grateful for a generous grant in 2010 from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to endow the Presidential Forums, which contributes to sustaining these important occasions for inquiry and dialog.

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