work hours
Part Time
position type
Federal Work Study

As the MATW Program Assistant, student will assist in program administration, including 1) Setting up and updating MATW Moodle site, 2) scheduling MATW summative project defenses and project presentations, 3) assisting with the Fall “Theopoetics Week”, 4) fielding student questions and scheduling meetings.

Other general TA duties as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

The student will be responsible for creating an MATW/CTTI Program Moodle Site. Other tasks will include scheduling, managing the MATW calendar, etc. The specific tasks involved are negotiable and vary depending on the interests of the assistant. Other duties as assigned.

Skills Required

General Skills: Computer skills, especially familiarity with Moodle; attention to detail; able to work independently after give task; ability to communicate well with students and faculty; respect for diversity of views and understanding of the nature of the topics being discussed.

Physical Demands


Reports To

Joelle Hathaway

Days of Week and Time of Day

To Be Negotiated

Hours per Week

5 per week + ~20 hours during summer

Begin and End Date

August 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023

Pat Rate

$10.75 per Hour