Student Services
work hours
Part Time
position type
Federal Work Study

The Residential Assistant (RA) will focus on coordinating and administering community activities and events, and working to promote community health. While the RA will pay attention to issues related to community health, program participation, and group dynamics, this person is not responsible for enforcing rules and expectations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Liaison with Business Office.
• The RA will be the point of contact between the Bethany Neighborhood and the Business Office.
• When there are household things that need to be repaired or replaced (i.e. broken vacuum cleaner, leaky faucet), the RA will contact the Business Office (Tammy Glenn) directly (and inform Karen Duhai).Neighborhood Coordination
• Set and coordinate PPRS meetings and discussions
• Help community determine how chores and household responsibilities will be shared
• Help community set activities, events, community meals, etc.Liaison with Director of Student Services
• Meet weekly (approximately 15 minute) with the Director of Student Services to review neighborhood issues
• Pay attention to community dynamics and identify community issues.
Skills Required:
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills along with the ability to work well with neighborhood residents.
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to help the community set and track things such as chore responsibilities and group activities.
Physical Demands:

Must be able to easily access all the houses in the Bethany Neighborhood.

Reports To:

Karen Duhai

Days of Week:

Sunday through Saturday

Time of Day:


Hours Per Week:


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