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Federal Work Study

This job involves functioning as a teaching assistant for students enrolled in Scott Holland’s two fall courses, Peace of the City and Public Theology and Theopoetics, and two spring courses, Religion as a Source of Terror and Transformation and the new course Theopoetics 2. All these courses include discussion of philosophy and theology, particularly in the light of postmodernism, and the two Theopoetics courses require more in-depth knowledge. Often, students struggle with these concepts, and a TA who has expertise in these content areas would be beneficial for students who might need further assistance in understanding the framework for the classroom discussions. In addition, the TA would be responsible for basic research to assist the professor in gathering resources related to the course topics and especially in the creation of the new Theopoetics 2 course.

Duties and Responsibilities

Teaching/research assistance and tutoring (or conversing with students in a formal way) who need assistance with some background or foundational material. Assisting me as the professor with this work of assuring all students get the assistance they need in their studying, research and writing.

Other duties as assigned (should be standard in all job descriptions) NONE.

Skills Required

This TA must be wicked smart, widely read, willing to unpack difficult concepts with students and direct them in their reading, research and writing.

Physical Demands


Reports To

Scott Holland

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Hours Per Week

Average 10

Pay Rate


Start Date

The beginning of fall semester 2020

End Date

The end of spring semester 2021