Jr. High Students Invited to Immerse!

Students who have completed grades 6-8 are invited to experience Immerse! this summer at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Indiana. Scheduled for June 21-26, this faith immersion event will help make church history come alive, from the early Christians to the early Brethren, and provide a safe space to share both learning and social time with peers.

In learning sessions, the youth will engage with Bethany professors and have many opportunities to ask questions. The book of James will be explored through the context of the early church, and timely topics from peace and justice to science fiction will take on new dimensions. The students will take stories of Brethren history from the classroom to the Brethren Heritage Center in Greenville, Ohio, for a more visual, concrete encounter with the various Brethren traditions that trace their heritage to Schwarzenau, Germany. All will be presented in ways that demonstrate the relevance of the subject matter for the lives of young people today.

Immerse! GroupDuring shared worship times, the group will experience lectio divina, participate in devotions, and attend Happy Corner Church of the Brethren. To balance it all, down time will include games, outdoor recreation, swimming, good food, personal time, and the chance to build new relationships.

Due to a generous grant, the only expense to attendees is a $25 registration fee and the cost of travel to and from Bethany. Registration is now open, and more information is available on Bethany’s Immerse! web page.