H. Kendall Rogers

Professor of Historical Studies

Biographical Sketch:

The son of a Church of the Brethren pastor, I grew up in congregations in Iowa, Nebraska, and Indiana. I was baptized in Dallas Center. My mother was choir director and organist; she also taught mathematics and business arts in the public schools. My sister also became a teacher. I attended Manchester College at the height of the Vietnam War. As a child I had heard stories of Brethren rebuilding war-torn Europe and seeking reconciliation and understanding with former enemies, so my Junior year I studied in Germany with the Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) exchange program. There I met my wife Ingrid, a former exchange student in the Potsdam, Ohio, Church of the Brethren.

Much of my graduate study, at Oxford University and Harvard University, involved European intellectual history, emphasizing Great Britain and Germany. I have returned repeatedly to England and the Continent for research or teaching. In Oxford I worshipped with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); in Marburg, with the Protestant Church; in Massachusetts, with the Mennonites and the United Church of Christ; in Indiana, with the Brethren. In November 1984, I was ordained a minister in the Church of the Brethren, to teach.

For almost thirty years (1979-2008) I taught Religion and Philosophy at Manchester College, with interruptions to serve as BCA resident director in China (1986) and in Germany (1999-2001). I have organized and led eight travel seminars for undergraduates, two for college faculty, and one for seminarians. The trips have involved extensive interaction with the Protestant Church in Germany.

Since the fall 2008, I have taught at Bethany. Ingrid and I have two married children and two granddaughters.


  • Harvard University, Ph.D. 1984, MA 1975
  • Oxford University, MA 2002, BA 1974
  • Manchester College, BA 1972
  • Philipps University Marburg, 1970-71 and 1999-2001

Recent Honors:

  • International Research Exchange (IREX), summer 1979
  • Fulbright German Studies Seminar, summer 1993
  • Lilly Faculty Open Fellowship, 1993-94

Courses Recently Taught:

  • H 101 History of Christianity I, both on campus and online
  • H 102 History of Christianity II, both on campus and online
  • H 370 New Studies of Radical Pietism
  • T 103 Cross-Cultural Travel Seminar to Germany

Recent Publications:

  • Review of books by Hans Schneider and Marcus Meier on the origins of the Brethren, Wonder and Word, (Spring/Summer 2009), pp. 20f.
  • “Why Study Theology?” Wonder and Word, (Fall 2008)
  • “Geschichte der Kirche der Brüder im ?berblick,”  Kirche in Marburg, September 2008

Websites of Interest:

For a complete listing of accomplishments, Curriculum Vitae (coming soon)

H. Kendall Rogers