Dr. Russell Haitch Explores Links Between Faith and Science

Dr. Russell Haitch, professor of theology and human science at Bethany Theological Seminary, has published a new book entitled, Eyes of the Heart: Seeing God in an Age of Science (Fortress, 2021).

The book offers a model for unifying Christian convictions and mainstream science. Haitch wrote the book to appeal to a broad audience, “particularly those who are trying to address the intellectual doubts of young people.”

“We hear slogans these days, like ‘Trust the Science’ and ‘Believe the Bible,’” Haitch says. “People, especially young people, feel pulled in two directions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Science actually started in the church, and the church today needs good scientists.

“Science and faith complement each other. Science can help us solve a lot of problems in life, including the problem we’ve all been talking about every day for the past year. But science cannot answer the question of life itself. Science cannot tell us why we live. Without an underlying order to life, we easily lurch from one crisis to another.

“Most people try to live in two parallel universes: the Sunday world of faith, the Monday world of science and technology. I wanted to show how we can–and really must–bring the two together.”

The book — which is likely to be of special interest to pastors, small group discussion leaders, and young people themselves — is available in both print and digital formats.