Living as a Christ-follower
so that the world flourishes


Living as a Christ-follower
so the world flourishes

Helping Students to Flourish

With the support of a $1M grant from the Lilly Endowment, Bethany Theological Seminary is launching Bethany BOLD, a new initiative that will prepare students to lead congregations through issues of diversity and division. The rigorous and demanding program will challenge Bethany’s best and brightest students to apply their faith and education to address real-world problems, including poverty and racial injustice.

  • Called to Service

    “I knew that God was calling me to a service-based ministry, and I feel this is where I need to be. I want to focus the relationality between all people, and find the usefulness of peacemaking in the world.” — Clarke Staton, M.A. student

  • A Place to Build Bridges

     “I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know that Bethany is a great place to figure out next steps. I would like to work on the grassroots level, sharing empathy, developing my abilities as a mediator, and building bridges between people who bring very different perspectives.” —Susu Lassa, M.A. student

  • So that the world flourishes

    “At Bethany, we learn, grow, and serve in community. We value our Brethren heritage and the rich biblical and theological streams that have shaped us. We hope that our teaching and research open up new possibilities for students and the church as we live into the future to which God is calling us.” Steven Schweitzer, Academic Dean and Professor

  • We are more than an institution

    “Bethany is more than an academic institution. It is a community of people seeking to live out their faith boldly in a way that enables the world to flourish.”

    Karen Duhai, MDiv 2016, MA 2018

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