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Those interested in applying for Need-based aid, federal loan funds or Federal Work Study positions must complete this application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These forms assist the Financial Aid officer to understand your personal financial situation and award aid in a consistent manner.

  • Personal Information

  • Academic Information

  • Financial Information

  • Expense Budget

    In the spaces below, please enter your expected average monthly expenses for the nine months during the academic year.

    The items listed below are taken from the Federal Student Aid Handbook, and are considered the allowable costs for the Cost of Attendance calculation. It is recommended that you refer to the list of expenses based on a frugal nine month budget, available at our Cost Of Attendance page.

    As costs for tuition and books are automatically included, based on the number of credit hours you report, please do not add those expenses to these figures. Additional documentation may be required for amounts that vary significantly from established norms.

  • Please enter amounts for any categories below that apply.
  • By entering my Banner ID number below I verify that the information provided in this application is correct. I understand that further documentation or verification may be needed by the financial aid office for any information provided on this application. I will advise the financial aid officer of any significant changes in my financial situation, including additional financial assistance not reported here. Entering this number will serve as an electronic signature for this application. If you do not yet have a Banner ID number please re-enter your date of birth.