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Bethany Theological Seminary equips spiritual and intellectual leaders with an Incarnational education for ministering, proclaiming, and living out God’s shalom and Christ’s peace in the church and world.
                                                                                                                                                  – Mission Statement

Our mission statement speaks about the content and outcomes of the graduate programs offered at the Seminary. We are committed to providing excellence in education and formation.

Bethany works diligently to create an environment for student success. Assessment of student learning is a high priority for our institution. We have developed a variety of tools and practices that allow faculty and staff to review these assessment data to measure the effectiveness of our programs. Some data come from our internal reports; other data come from information gathered by the Association of Theological Schools, one of our accrediting agencies.

Updated on an annual basis, some of these data are presented here as a downloadable PDF to demonstrate the effectiveness of the educational experience at Bethany Theological Seminary.

Educational-Effectiveness-Bethany-Fall-2017  (revised 10-17-2017)