Academic Programs

Use these links to explore our array of excellent program options and learn more about what Bethany has to offer!

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv) Degree: Ministerial degree program designed to prepare persons for church-related ministries, including ministries requiring ordination. A key component of the MDiv degree is Bethany’s Ministry Formation (practical ministry preparation and experience).
    • MDiv Connections Track: Bethany’s acclaimed distance education/online MDiv track—the same MDiv degree earned from a distance.
  • Master of Arts (MA) Degree: Two-year degree program of focused study culminating in a thesis paper. This program is designed to carry students into future doctoral work, and/or a professional appointment.
    • MA Connections Track: The same MA degree earned through participating in many classes via distance education.

Graduate Certificates

Nondegree Learning Tracks

  • Occasional Students:  A person who applies and is admitted but not enrolled in any particular degree track is classified as an occasional student. Occasional students may choose to take any courses they desire. Most often, those who enroll as occasional students are those testing out seminary, perhaps planning to enroll in a degree program at a later time, or those who may already have a degree and are seeking the best of continuing education on the graduate level.
  • Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership: The Academy, a partnership of Bethany Theological Seminary and the Church of the Brethren, is the umbrella organization for nondegree ministerial training within the Church of the Brethren. The program leading to commissioned ministry in the Church of the Brethren is Education for Shared Ministry (EFSM). Programs leading to ordination in the Church of the Brethren include the following:
    • Training in Ministry (TRIM)
    • Academy Certified Training System (ACTS)
    • Seminario Biblico Anabautista Hispano de la Iglesia de Los Hermanos (SeBAH-CoB)