Certificate for Expanded MA Studies


The Certificate for Expanded MA Studies (CEMAS) program is designed to prepare MA students to continue their studies in doctoral programs with additional 18 hours of coursework that covers both the scope and depth of content areas typically expected for admission into doctoral programs in Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and related fields.

This certificate is only available to current Bethany MA students or recent alumni from our MA program.

Please see the catalog for further details on CEMAS.

Primary Faculty

Our entire teaching faculty provide scholarly leadership in their disciplines. Students in the CEMAS program will have opportunity to connect with a number of our professors as they take courses in a variety of areas.


CEMAS students take six courses totaling 18 credit hours, with five covering foundational work across theological disciplines and one advanced elective or a language course. Students can take any number of courses in a semester. Not all courses are offered every year. The certificate can be completed in one to two years.

Note: CEMAS students may choose to take an additional two courses (languages or advanced-level) to supplement their coursework, bringing the total credits taken to 24. This is optional, not required, based on student interest and need.

Credits earned as part of CEMAS cannot be shared with another program.


Graduates from the Certificate for Expanded MA Studies program will be able to:

    1. Exhibit a breadth of knowledge in the areas of biblical, theological, historical, and ethical studies as a necessary baseline for advanced degree studies.
    2. Demonstrate extensive knowledge in a select number of content areas in addition to the student’s chosen Area of Concentration through advanced coursework, including knowledge of content, methodological concerns, and significant issues within the discipline.

Admissions Process Deadlines

Fall session:           May 15th
Spring session:     November 15th



The total cost for CEMAS is $8,640. Students may apply for financial aid through Bethany: Church Service Covenant Grant, Academic Excellence Scholarship and need-based aid. Aid can potentially cover all tuition costs after the base amount of $1,100 per term is paid. For full details on financial aid, payment plans, and student accounts, contact the Admissions Office.

For additional information on CEMAS, refer to the Academic Catalog.