Certificate in Peacebuilding and Neighborhood Engagement


The Certificate in Peacebuilding and Neighborhood Engagement (CPNE) program provides a means of focusing on the contextual and specific work of peacebuilding in the neighborhood where one lives. Along with theoretical approaches, the skills needed for community engagement are practiced through on-the-ground work.

This program requires 15 hours of coursework, including one required course, three courses from a selected list, and a 200-hour practicum at a nonprofit or service agency in Wayne County.

The student must live in the Bethany Neighborhood during the completion of the practicum and must be a member of the Bethany BOLD program. [Note: During the semester of enrollment in the practicum, community engagement hours completed in the BOLD program can count toward this requirement.]

Primary Faculty

Dr. Maggie Elwell, Assistant Professor of Peace Studies and Director of Bethany BOLD

Multiple teaching faculty provide courses relevant to the CPNE program. Students in the CPNE program will have opportunity to connect with a number of our professors.


CPNE students take five courses totaling 15 credit hours, with one required foundational course, three courses from a list of options, and a required practicum. Students can take any number of courses in a semester. Not all courses are offered every year. The certificate can be completed in one to two years.

Because the CPNE requires residency in the Bethany Neighborhood, all courses will be taken in residence at the Richmond campus unless they are only offered in another format.


Graduates from the Certificate in Peacebuilding and Neighborhood Engagement program will:

    1. Exhibit knowledge of interpersonal, socio-political, and theological factors that influence local responses to community needs, both ongoing and immediate.
    2. Practice skills for navigating the opportunities and pitfalls for peacebuilding within community organizations and locally based nonprofits.
    3. Demonstrate best practices of peacebuilding and neighborhood engagement in a variety of intercontextual settings.

Admissions Process Deadlines

Fall session:           May 15th
Spring session:     November 15th


The total cost for CPNE is $7,200. Students may apply for financial aid through Bethany: Church Service Covenant Grant, Academic Excellence Scholarship and need-based aid. Aid can potentially cover all tuition costs after the base amount of $1,100 per term is paid. For full details on financial aid, payment plans, and student accounts, contact the Admissions Office.

For additional information on CPNE, refer to the Academic Catalog.