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For persons of faith and leadership, the Certificate of Achievement in Theological Studies (CATS) is a means to deepen one’s understanding of Christian faith and ministry and gain a breadth of experience in theological education. This graduate certificate is designed as a way to test the waters toward the MDiv or the MA, offering an entry point to each of the five major areas of study at Bethany. It is for the person who wishes to explore graduate theological study before committing to a full degree program or anyone who wants to engage theologically at deeper levels, regardless of their life’s profession.

Bethany’s goal is to educate any person who has an interest in the significant questions of life, faith, and holy mystery, particularly in these changing times for the church.


Primary Faculty

Our entire teaching faculty provide scholarly leadership in their disciplines. Students in the CATS program will have opportunity to connect with a number of our professors.



CATS students take six courses totaling 18 credit hours, one course selected from each of the five areas of study and one elective from any area of study, as listed below. Students can take any number of courses in a semester. Not all courses are offered every year. The certificate can be completed in one to two years.

  • Biblical studies
  • Historical studies
  • Theological studies
  • Ministry studies
  • Peace studies
  • General elective



Graduates from the Certificate of Achievement in Theological Studies program will

  • interpret the Christian sources—including scripture, history, theology, and church practices—with special attention to the Anabaptist-Pietist heritage;
  • communicate religious faith and values effectively, listen well, and express faith with clarity in ways that are theologically informed and culturally persuasive;
  • demonstrate an understanding of peace or intercultural studies, particularly from an Anabaptist-Pietist perspective;
  • develop theological perspectives and preliminary skills necessary in the practice of ministry;
  • engage in exploration and discernment regarding theological education at the graduate level;
  • establish a commitment to learning as a lifelong process.


Admissions Process Deadlines

Fall session:           May 15th
Spring session:     November 15th



The total cost for CATS is $8,640. Students may apply for financial aid through Bethany: Church Service Covenant Grant, Academic Excellence Scholarship and need-based aid. Aid can potentially cover all tuition costs after the base amount of $1,100 per term is paid. For full details on financial aid, payment plans, and student accounts, contact the Admissions Office.

For additional information on CATS, refer to the Academic Catalog.