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Application Process Deadlines

Fall sessionMay 15th
Spring sessionNovember 15th
January, May, or August intensive onlySix weeks prior to course start


Select the most appropriate application to begin:

Master of Arts (MA)
Applicants pursuing a degree focused on research and writing

Master of Arts: Theopoetics and Writing (MATW)
Applicants pursuing a degree that explores the intersection of theology, narrative, and spirituality

Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Applicants pursuing a degree in ministerial leadership

Graduate Certificates
Applicants pursuing a master’s-level certificate

International Students
Applicants from US territories or other countries

Occasional Students
Applicants not pursuing a degree

Auditing Students
Applicants wishing to audit a course

Joint Certificate Program
Applicants wishing to pursue more than one master’s-level certificate