Bethany to Raise Funds for New Office in Jos, Nigeria

Giving Tuesday — November 29, 2022

Students and Staff in Nigeria

Bethany Theological Seminary is raising funds to construct a new office adjacent to its Technology Center in Jos, Nigeria. The office will house Rev. Joshua Sati, academic and operations manager for the Certificate in Biblical Studies program, and Sharon Flaten, MDiv 2022, assistant of recruitment and student development in Jos. A group of donors will match donations to help the Seminary reach a goal of $10,000.

In 2018, Bethany made a commitment to establish a permanent presence in Jos — a city of 900,000 that is the largest city and administrative capital in the Plateau State of Nigeria. The city stands about 4,000 feet above sea level and is notable for its relatively temperate climate.

Sadly, the area around Jos has been the site of riots, bombings, and other violence over the last 20 years. Some observers have termed these events “religious violence,” while others point to ethnic and economic differences as precipitating factors. Religion, ethnicity, social-economic class clearly intersect in Nigeria and contribute to tensions between groups, sometimes with harrowing consequences.

Bethany leaders are aware that violence is a continuing concern in the area, so the Technology Center in Jos was erected as a safe space where students could gather for classes and get reliable internet access in order to connect with faculty and students on a different continent.

Classroom at Jos Technology Center

Nigerian students can now earn a Certificate in Biblical Peacemaking while studying at the Technology Center in Jos. The first cohort of students graduated in May 2021.

The new office space will offer students and staff a safe, reliable, and convenient space to meet and do business.