Canning 101

bringthefarmtoyouI grew up with canning and preserving family. In the humid months of August and September, our kitchen door would be flung open to release the intense heat from a fired up canning kitchen. My parents and grandparents would can for a few weeks during these hot months and then in cool, barren months we’d enjoy garden produce.

Canning has a small start-up cost for long-term, tasty benefits. Don’t have a garden of your own? Buy peaches when their in season and cheapest! Buy farmers market green beans from the Richmond Summer Farmer’s Market. The same with corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage!

You can often find jars at Goodwill of thrift stores for cheap and lids and relatively inexpensive. Borrow your grandma’s canning supplies when you’re home for a bit or reach out to the community and see if someone would let you borrow their equipment.

This helpful blog post from Eating Rules lays out the basics of Canning 101.