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Here you’ll find episodes of Like a Mustard Seed, our new podcast featuring staff, students, and guests as they engage all things theological, global, cultural, and more.

You’ll also find links to an earlier series called The Chronicler, focusing on chapter themes in the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles.

All opinions heard represent the speaker/s and not necessarily official positions taken by Bethany Theological Seminary.


Like a Mustard Seed

Episode 5 – Katie Heishman, MDiv 2018, and students Sharon Flaten and Shaun Rufener

Episode 4 – Dan Ulrich, Wieand Professor of New Testament Studies

Episode 3 – Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm, Brightbill Professor of Preaching and Worship

Episode 2 – Rebecca Dali, Nigerian activist for social justice

Episode 1 – Jeff Carter, President

The Chronicler

  1.  “What If?”How should we read 1-2 Chronicles?
  2.  “The Legacies of Families”The genealogies in 1 Chronicles 1-9
  3.  “The Prayer of Jabez”  – 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
  4.  “The Other David”1 Chronicles 15
  5.  “An Editor’s Selection that Leads to Praise”1 Chronicles 16
  6.  “The Promise to David”1 Chronicles 17
  7.  “David: The Careful Planner”1 Chronicles 28-29
  8.  “Solomon: The Wise Builder”2 Chronicles 1
  9.  “The Rest of the Story”2 Chronicles 10-12 and 29-32
  10.  “The End of the Story?”2 Chronicles 35-36

Also view “The Chronicler” webcast—featuring the speakers from the podcasts