Get Cash Back on Groceries: Ibotta

You heard right. Get cash back when you purchase groceries each week.

How it works:

  1. Download the Ibotta App for Android/iOS
  2. Browse stores or items for rebate offers
  3. Take a poll, read a recipe, or watch a short video (at most taking a 15-20 seconds to complete) to “unlock” rebate
  4. Purchase item at store, take picture of receipt
  5. Wait for rebate to show up on account, cash out after $10 to paypal or checking account


Tip: If you’re not big on buying branded items, Ibotta offers weekly rebates on basic groceries like: eggs, milk, shredded cheese, peppers, onions, cereal, etc. so you can earn cash without buying name brands!

Money-earning Tip: Doubling up on a coupon with Ibotta is how you leave the grocery store  with a free item they’re paying you to take.