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This position is a multi-faceted, and highly technical position, but don’t let that keep you from applying! We won’t expect you to know or do it all from the git go. Desired job includes but is not limited to:
• Assist Seminary Computer Services Information Technology (SCSIT) in providing video conference meeting and classroom support (Zoom, miscellaneous video recordings, and editing) for Bethany meetings, Chapels, events, and classes as requested and scheduled.
• Assist SCSIT with video post-production to prepare content for posting to the Bethany YouTube page.
• Assist SCSIT with delivery of Mobile Communication Cart(s) to designated meeting spaces for Zoom enabled video conference meetings.
• Assist SCSIT with maintenance of communications equipment: Mobile Technology Carts, Technology Classroom, and Presidential Conference Room Zoom.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Essential duties related to broadcasting include such things as equipment and software setups and facilitation of Zoom conference calls, Zoom multi-point video conferencing, video recording of weekly meetings and special events (including Chapel, Peace Forum, meetings of such groups as SLT, special lectures, and the like), broadcast communications for courses during weather emergencies, and virtual classrooms for scheduled classes, negotiated absences, and other meetings. Included are broadcasting equipment setup and tear down, and routine maintenance of, care for, and proper storage of equipment. And, other related duties as assigned.

Skills Required:

Depending on which components of the position a person fulfills; the following skills will be required as follows:
Computer Skills: Ability to learn and navigate various communication programs, quickly. Ability to troubleshoot technical issues. Ability to work with others and provide technical support. Desire to learn video editing software packages to assist in the post-production of video-recordings. Ability to post prepared videos to Bethany YouTube web page. Knowledge of both Windows and MacOS helpful.
Video-Recording Skills: Ability to run a camera and accurately compose images for video capture using webcams and/or standard dedicated video equipment. Assist with Chapel setup, recording, and editing.
Writing Skills: Ability to use language effectively, to proofread accurately, and to communicate well.
Personal Skills: Ability to serve others professionally. Ability to serve with confidence and be a non-anxious presence.
Team Skills: Ability to function with others in a team environment.

Physical Demands:

Physical demands may be included. Carrying and setting up computer, video and AV equipment, cables, and cords in various (sometimes physically awkward) locations, and at times with short notice. Visual acuity and auditory knowledge is helpful, which includes video composition, sound and color discrimination. Ability to manipulate camera and audio controls and computer interfaces, while multi-tasking.

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Paul Shaver

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