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Part Time
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Federal Work Study

The T.A. will meet regularly with the professor via Zoom to discuss the educational objectives and goals of this course and to assess students’ participation in and fulfillment of course assignments. The T.A. will be familiar with all readings and practices outlined in the syllabus and will aid in the review and assessment of student sermons and other theopoetic presentations.

Duties and Responsibilities

The T.A. will attend as many weekly class meetings as possible; monitor student weekly online participation, assignments and communication (including half of the student discussion groups); provide written feedback on half of the students’ exegetical reports; attend all student presentation dates outlined on the Moodle course site; lead evaluative discussions of student sermons and presentations for half of the sermons presented in class and provide written feedback of these sermons/presentations according to the criteria discussed in class. (Because of the latter responsibility, his/her presence is required during the four class meetings when students are offering their sermons/presentations.) All of these responsibilities may be conducted from a distance/online/via Zoom. Also, the T.A. may need to occasionally respond to student questions and provide support over the phone. At the end of the semester, the T.A. will discuss each student’s performance and fulfillment of course objectives with the they prepare to submit student grades and rubrics.

Other duties as assigned

Skills Required

Graduate student who is currently enrolled at Bethany Theological Seminary; has successfully completed an introductory course in preaching at graduate school (preferably, M120 “Preaching, Theopoetics, and Society”) and one upper-level graduate school preaching course (preferable but not required). Student must have demonstrated interest in the art of sermon preparation and presentation, the literary arts, and social concerns relating the life of faith to the church and wider world.

Physical Demands


Reports To

Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm

Days of Week


Time of Day

1:20 – 4p.m. EST

Hours Per Week

6-8 Hours per week

Pay Rate

$10.75 per hour

Start Date

August 27, 2020

End Date

December 11, 2020