My Seminary of Choice

We all make choices every day.

Some are big; others are smaller. The choices for a seminary are no different.

The how of seminary is personal. As a seminary of choice, Bethany is flexible. Staff, and faculty, and peers support students in choosing what makes sense for their lives. Bethany goes above and beyond what many seminaries offer in terms of academic, financial, and community support—all part of a life-changing educational experience.


Bethany is student centered and education rich, with solid scholarship, both time-proven and innovative ministry formation experiences, and a breadth of theological thought. We educate and create out of a Church of the Brethren heritage, distinctive Anabaptist-Pietist traditions and values that balance practicality and spirituality. This blend emphasizes

  • the centrality of Jesus;
  • peacemaking and resistance to violence;
  • the importance of community and the priesthood of all believers.

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Financial Support

Bethany’s generous financial aid program follow principles consistent with our faith values:

  • Making aid available to all eligible MA, MDiv, and certificate students
  • Asking all students to contribute to the cost of their education at a reasonable and affordable level
  • Recognizing and encouraging academic excellence in a manner that rewards self-motivated achievement
  • Affirming and rewarding a commitment to serve through ministry in many arenas within and beyond the church

Scholarship and grants, employment, federal loans, and coaching in financial literacy and conscious consumption are all part of the program. Our goal is to assist all students in completing their theological education with little or no additional educational and consumer debt.

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