“We are thrilled to announce this campaign, and we are so grateful that some of our most faithful donors have already stepped up to support this effort. The generosity of these leaders is inspiring, as they see the impact that a Bethany education is having on our students, the church, and the world. We are delighted to invite our larger community of alumni and friends to join us in this effort — so the world flourishes!”

— Rev. Dr. Jeff Carter, president

The Student Experience  — $7 million
Over the last decade, Bethany has dramatically increased its enrollment, while decreasing annual student borrowing to a fraction of the total debt a decade ago. The Seminary is seeking additional gifts to remove all financial barriers from those who are answering a call to ministry and service and seeking the exceptional graduate theological education that Bethany provides. This initiative will also provide additional funding for student housing in the “Bethany Neighborhood” — a group of houses near campus. This funding will also provide support for international students studying through Bethany’s robust technology rooms, particularly those in Nigeria, and more fully connect them to the Bethany family.

Support for Faculty Innovation — $2 million
Among other things, this initiative establishes a new endowed chair in Brethren Studies and enhances the funding for existing endowed chairs, providing significant new financial resources to nurture the Seminary’s remarkable faculty. Bethany professors distinguish themselves with their responsiveness to the evolving needs of students and the church, while also remaining engaged in scholarly research. This new funding ensures that faculty have appropriate time and resources to develop new courses, engage in professional development, and pursue their scholarly agendas.

The Bethany Fund — $3 million
The Bethany Fund supports the seminary’s operational mission (teaching and learning) and ongoing strategic priorities like community engagement, high impact learning, and financial sustainability. This initiative includes all gifts to the fund over a three-year period, and provides essential support for students and faculty.

  • Ensure anyone called to ministry can get a quality Seminary education without debt.
  • Provide professors with the support they need to conduct important research, mentor students (to ensure completion), teach, and develop new courses that are desired by those seeking a seminary education.
  • Fully embrace our Nigerian students as members of the Bethany family, and enhance the opportunities our students have for cross cultural engagement.
  • Solidify the financial strength of Bethany to ensure that our work with students is never at risk, and we continue to be a meaningful contributor to the community.

Bethany has already secured leadership gifts and pledges totaling more than $9.1 million as a part of Flourish. These include six- and seven-figure commitments that are among the largest individual gifts in the Seminary’s history. The Flourish Campaign promises to fundamentally transform the Seminary, ensuring Bethany’s mission will be pursued in perpetuity.

“There is much to celebrate as Bethany flourishes and grows, and I am honored to lend my support to the Seminary’s next chapter. We need additional investments to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of our students and faculty. I am pleased to have the opportunity to invite others to join me in supporting Bethany’s mission.”

— John Flora, campaign chairman

Will you help Bethany Theological Seminary to Flourish by making a gift to this transformational campaign?