The Bethany Center has served the Seminary community well for nearly twenty-five years. To meet the needs of current students, faculty, and staff,  updates and improvements for several areas of the building are planned, and the first recipient has been Nicarry Chapel. Acoustic panels were mounted on the walls to address issues with the amplified spoken voice without compromising acoustic qualities for music. The new all-digital audio system includes wireless microphones and a state-of-the art speaker array. With three new fixed cameras and recording system, multiple video feeds can be stitched together. And those who have been seated in the chapel on sunny days will appreciate the addition of motorized window blinds.

A second classroom was outfitted with cameras and a large flat screen monitor, enabling distance students to take classes in real time with on-campus students and bringing in persons at a distance for meetings. In both technology classrooms, new floor outlets have been installed to allow for more flexibility in arranging the furnishings.

You are invited to learn about additional improvements in functionality and aesthetics for the Bethany Center and consider supporting these efforts financially. For more information, contact the Institutional Advancement Department at 765-983-1823 or