Matthew Fike

Finding Ways to Thrive

For Matthew Fike, MDiv 1999, this sort of shared vision is the key to a thriving church. Too many congregations, and even pastors, operate from the assumption that it is up to the pastor to set the

Richard Wehrle

Seeking New Ministries

For many pastors, thinking about the future of pastoral ministry involves rethinking many of the practices and areas of focus that have long been assumed to be most important.

Sunday morning worship

Anna Lisa Gross

On the Brink of Something New

Rev. Anna Lisa Gross, MDiv 2015, currently holds two part-time positions, serving Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren in Ft. Wayne as Pastor for Faith Formation and serving as Co-Interim District Executive for the District of Northern

Sharon Flaten

At Home in Nigeria

Sharon Flaten grew up in Bridgewater, Virginia, but as a kid, Nigeria was all around her.

“There were wooden tables, trunks, and tie-dyed tablecloths my parents had brought from Nigeria,” she recalls. Her mother, the late