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Welcome to Bethany’s Campus Events Archives! Below you will find a list of previous campus broadcasts organized by Semester and Year.

We have removed the public links to these recordings to honor our students as they grow in worship leading skills, as well as to be careful with copyright considerations.  However, if you wish to view any of these events, you may make a request for access by e-mailing

Fall 2014

August 28, 2014Open Convocation
September 3, 2014ChapelStudent Leadership Team
September 24, 2014ChapelTara Hornbacker
October 1, 2014ChapelDan Ulrich
October 8, 2014ChapelAmy Gail-Ritchie
October 15, 2014ChapelKen Rogers
October 22, 2014ChapelDawn Ottoni-Wilhelm
October 29, 2014ChapelSteve Schweitzer
November 5, 2014ChapelIrv Heishman
December 3, 2014ChapelPresident Jeff Carter

Spring 2014

January 30, 2014ChapelPresident Jeff Carter
February 5, 2014ChapelTim Hollenberg-Duffey
February 12, 2014ChapelNancy Sollenberger-Heishman
February 26, 2014ChapelJim Grossnickle-Batterton
March 12, 2014ChapelAudrey Hollenberg-Duffey
March 26, 2014ChapelTodd Peterson
March 29, 2014Bethany's WitnessDan Ulrich
March 29, 2014Presidential InaugurationFeaturing Tom Long
April 2, 2014ChapelClaire Flowers-Waggener
April 23, 2014ChapelMatt McKimmy
April 30, 2014ChapelKelly Burk
May 10, 2014Commencement Ceremony
May 10, 2014Senior Worship Service

Fall 2013

August 28, 2013Opening ConvocationPresident Jeff Carter
September 4, 2013ChapelStudent Leadership Team
September 25, 2013ChapelSteve Schweitzer
October 9, 2013ChapelDan Poole & Enten Eller
October 23, 2013ChapelAmy Gail-Ritchie
October 26, 2013Special Professional Lecture: "Who Am I? Questions of Identity, Answers of Christianity"Russell Haitch
October 30, 2013ChapelMarie Benner-Rhoades
November 6, 2013ChapelDawn Ottoni-Wilhelm
November 13, 2013Bethany Common MealStudent Ambassadors
November 15, 2013Joint Chapel: "Credo, Credo"Tracy Perkins-Schmittler
November 20, 2013ChapelApril Vanlonden
December 4, 2013ChapelTara Hornbacker

Spring 2013

February 6, 2013ChapelDylan Haro
February 13, 2013ChapelDan Finkbiner
February 20, 2013ChapelLenten Examen
February 27, 2013ChapelDavid Radcliff - New Community Project
March 13, 2013ChapelBob Krouse - Annual Conference Moderator
April 3, 2013ChapelBill Scheurer - Executive Director of On Earth Peace
April 10, 2013ChapelGlenn Brumbaugh
April 17, 2013ChapelDaniel Fullen
May 1, 2013ChapelAmy Beery
May 11, 2013Commencement & Graduation Worship

Fall 2012

August 23, 2012Open ConvocationNancy Bowen
August 29, 2012Chapel - Sharing Our ScripturesVarious Leaders
September 12, 2012ChapelRuthann Johansen
September 14, 2012Friday Joint ChapelAnna Woofenden
September 19, 2012Joint Common Meal - China Cross Cultural Trip Sharing
September 21, 2012Chapel - A Migrant PeopleDavid Johns
September 26, 2012Chapel - Daniel & the LionsDaniel Ulrich
October 10, 2012Chapel - Song of SongsAmy Gail-Ritchie
October 17, 2012Chapel - Jonah & the WormRussell Haitch
October 19, 2012Friday Joint ChapelCraig Goodworth & Travis Poling - "Darkness"
October 24, 2012ChapelSteve Schweitzer
October 27, 2012Presentation: "Incarnational Education & Improvisational Evangelism" (Honoring her promotion to full Professor)Tara Hornbacker
November 7, 2012ChapelDeanna Brown
November 28, 2012ChapelAdvent Scripture/Carol Service