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Part Time
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Federal Work Study

The teaching assistant for B/P-204-B Gospel of Peace helps Nigerian participants succeed in the course by helping them interface with the technology that many of them will be using for the first time. The assistant consults with instructors Dan Ulrich and Nyampa Kwabe about ways to make the course go more smoothly and provides appropriate help when needed.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Be available to help students interface with Moodle and with the library website, especially early in the course. Consult with the instructors regularly via Zoom before during and after the course.

Other duties as assigned

Skills/Qualifications Needed:

Intercultural communication. Computer skills. Ability to assist in orienting Nigerian students.

Physical Demands:


Reports To:

Dan Ulrich

Days of week/ Time of day:


Hours per week

Up to 20

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