The Modern Seminarian

“Life’s too short to not have unique, fulfilling experiences.” Bethany student Sharon Flaten is interviewed on her decision to live and study in Jos. Nigeria.
Dunker Punks podcast #87


Like a Mustard Seed

Staff, students, and guests engage all


Earlham School of Religion


 In 1994 Bethany Theological Seminary and the Earlham School of Religion (ESR) joined hands to do something new by forming an affiliation. Together they provide an

Bethany’s Campus

“Send me away, that I may go to my home.”  — Genesis 30:25

Indeed, there is more than corn in Indiana! Bethany’s campus is located in Richmond, Indiana, where jazz came alive, rose gardens

Bethany Seminary Launches New Master’s Degree  

For students who hear a clear call and are following a specific path to practical ministry, Bethany Theological Seminary has launched a new master’s degree program that links spiritual formation with a focus on social change.   


Youth Explore Faith and Call

The slower-paced summer days at Bethany Seminary were enlivened by eight youth who attended this year’s Explore Your Call, July 24-August 3. Hailing from five districts—Kansas to Virginia—they arrived ready to engage with peers, teachers, and mentors. This annual

Graduate Certificate Application

Criteria for graduate certificate admission include

  1. completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  2. ability to do theological study at the graduate level as determined from the scope
New students fall 2016

New Students Begin Studies

Bethany Theological Seminary welcomed nine new students this fall as they met for orientation on August 22 and 23. Ranging from recent college graduates to career professionals in their fifties, members of the new class are pursuing the master

Musa Mambula Receives National Award

Musa Mambula, current international scholar in residence at Bethany Theological Seminary, has been acknowledged by his home country of Nigeria for his contributions toward the betterment of Nigerian society. On September 20, Mambula was honored with the Custodian of

New Students Welcomed for Fall

Fall semester classes at Bethany Theological Seminary began on August 30 with nine new students joining the Seminary community. Four are entering the MDiv program, two are entering the MA program, and three are pursuing a Certificate in Theopoetics

2019-20 Cost of Attendance

Below is a list of average monthly expenses based on a nine-month budget.

The Financial Aid Office estimated this information to create a standard cost of attendance, or budget, for all students. This information varies depending on enrollment status (half-time,