Youth Invited to Explore Their Call

EYC 2015 Participants

“I loved this and it has changed my life. Hardcore. Thank you, endlessly.”

This summer, high school students again have the chance to share in a potentially life-changing experience. Explore Your Call, to be held at Bethany Seminary July 15-25, is offered free of charge for youth who want to see faith, ministry, and the world in a new way:

  • EYC Group 2015Asking questions and expressing ideas about faith, God, scripture, and the church
  • Talking with and learning from seminary mentors and teachers
  • Enjoying games, picnics, and travel
  • Finding a safe space to share concerns and experiences
  • Shadowing people in ministry
  • Engaging in the meaning and creation of worship
  • Laughing, singing, and talking
  • Discovering new spiritual insights and ways of being called

“Teenagers have a lot of obligations and opportunities each summer, so we work to ensure this program is the best possible use of their time. A lot happens in these ten days in terms of big ideas, close Christian friendships, and hands-on ministry. Young people report the EYC experience really helps them become spiritually ready for college—and for life.” says Russell Haitch, director of the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults and professor of Christian education at Bethany. Haitch oversees the EYC program and is being assisted by coordinator Brian Mackie, Bethany alumnus and pastor of the White Branch and Nettle Creek Churches of the Brethren.

Seminary faculty lead classroom sessions, and Bethany students assist with programming. Area pastors host the participants in shadowing experiences. Outdoor activities provide balance and build relationships. And day trips prompt thinking about community, values, and service. All of this is offered at no cost to participants. The program is funded by a generous grant from Barnabas Ltd., a family foundation in New South Wales, Australia, focused on preparing people for ministry.

First developed nearly fifteen years ago, EYC was reinstated in 2011 and since then has welcomed twenty-nine youth from across the country—one of whom said:

“If you are thinking of going, just go because it is amazing and you learn so much.”

To follow in those footsteps, visit for more information and to apply.